Delivering high quality electronic music, Ill Atmospherics has quickly established themselves as an integral part of the electronic dance music scene.

Drawing from the ethos of some of the great electronic musicians of the world, Ill Atmospherics performs live using percussion, synthesizers, samplers, and the undeniable power of live drums to create the unique sounds of Drum Spin. Under the leadership of Don Carlos, known for his works with the Charles Cooper Quartet, Foley, Titonton, Kettle, Triggahappy, and Flypaper. Ill Atmospherics has played alongside the likes of Lone Catalyst, Mos Def, DJ Hi-Tek, Crizzly, Mood, Talib Kweli, George Acosta, DJ Soul Slinger, AK- 1200, and Faust and Shortee, just to name a few.